Picture of Swing Rider

“Good Stockmanship has its foundation in the principles of how cattle learn, how they respond to certain movements or techniques, and the importance of certain traits and nuances that must be respected when handling them.”

–          Steve Cote, Stockmanship  2004

Stockmanship Journal

“The importance of Stockmanship is becoming well recognized. However, until now there was no professional journal addressing the subject. Without such a journal, there is no consistent and efficient way to share information on Stockmanship in a professional manner nor to engage in an open, intelligent and informed dialogue. The Journal is not the last word. Rather, it is an ongoing, evolutionary discourse between intelligent and competent stockmen interested in the growth and development of Stockmanship.”

 – Whit Hibbard

Hand ‘n Hand Livestock Solutions

“The emotional element of livestock is often ignored or misunderstood. Emotional stress can cause as much or more damage to production as the physical stress of poor feed, bad weather, or rough handling.”

– Richard McConnell & Tina Williams

Natural Cattle Handling

“Reduced stress cattle handling is one of the best management tools in a producer’s arsenal. And by combining reduced stress cattle handling with holistic management you can improve your rangeland and quality of life with increased profits.”

– Bob Kinford

Bud Williams

“In most situations it is the emotions of the people that determines the emotions of the animals that they work.”

– Bud Williams, Musings 2011

Temple Grandin

“I wish more people could ride horses today.  People and animals are supposed to be together.  We spent quite a long time evolving together, and used to be partners.  …It’s a relationship.”

– Temple Grandin, Animals in Translation 2005