Picture of Gray Ranch

California Native Grasslands Association

“The Mission of the CNGA is to promote, preserve, and restore the diversity of California’s native grasses and grassland ecosystems through education, advocacy, research, and stewardship.”


Holistic Management International

“Our mission is to educate people to manage land for a sustainable future. We accomplish this by delivering a variety of programs and services designed to educate and support farmers, ranchers and land stewards in their efforts to enhance the land through Holistic Management, a Whole Farm/Ranch Planning System that, naturally, mimics nature. We believe that people count, healthy land is essential, and money matters.”

Quivira Coalition

“Our mission is to build resilience by fostering ecological, economic and social health on western landscapes through education, innovation, collaboration and progressive public and private land stewardship. We believe that how we inhabit and use the West today will determine the West we pass on to our children tomorrow; that preserving the biological diversity of working landscapes requires active stewardship; and that under current conditions the stewards of those lands are compensated for only a fraction of the values their stewardship provides.”

Savory Institute

“The Savory Institute uses staff and a network of Learning Sites, Accredited Associate Consultants (ACs) and Educators (ACEs) to provide training and consulting services. Clients include pastoralists, policymakers, government agencies and NGOs working on land management issues.”