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The Whole Picture

To Inspire Environmental, Social, and Economic Creativity.

 “The answers, if they are to come and if they are to work, must be developed in the presence of the user and the land; they must be developed to some degree by the user on the land.”

–          Wendell Berry

 The Whole Picture is your resource for learning, exploring, and implementing the scientific principles of Cowboy Conservation to manage livestock with the land sustainably.  We work with landowners to make decisions in a holistic context and are a resource for education and guidance.

CEO – Ecologist, Kent Reeves has over 25 years experience working with private landowners, agencies, tribes and NGO’s throughout the United States and Kenya.  His experience includes ecosystem, watershed, wildlife, and range management.  Kent’s knowledge of natural resources, restoration ecology, sustainable agriculture, conflict resolution, and group facilitation is widely respected.

Kent has two educations.  One from a university and the other from the backside of a horse.  He has worked on ranches in California and New Mexico as a cowboy and as a packer in the Sierra Nevada.  He has been an invited poet to the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering in Elko.  Poetry is included at no extra cost with our services.  Join us, for it’s all about the journey.